Drink Pouches

Drink Pouches

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Ladies, how fun is this? A drink pouch for adults! Mix up a batch of your favorite drink. Pour it in the bag. Seal and throw in the freezer. Later, grab them out as you feel a thirst and open far enough to drop your straw in and enjoy. 

I love throwing these in the cooler on boating days! Or having one or two while sitting by the fire in our backyard.

* Two large holes at the top of the pouch for hanging or carrying

* Food Grade - made of non toxic BPA materials

* Holds around 15-17 oz of liquid

* Resealable

* Comes with individually packaged straws

Designs to choose from:

1. Drink up, bitches
2. Out of Office
3. You Can't Sip with us
4. Sip me Baby One more time
5. Support day drinking
6. Mama's Juice Pouch