No Crap In It Inhalers

No Crap In It Inhalers

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Botanical inhalers that are cotton soaked in essential oils that are specifically mixed or sourced to meet your ailment's nngredeeds.

Inhalers can last up to 3 years. We recommend keeping inhalers tightly closed when not using them and keep them out of direct sunlight so they don't dry out.

Unscrew the inhaler and gently insert into a nostril. Take a slow deep breath or a couple, then repeat on the next nostril. You can't over inhale them so DON'T WORRY!

CLARITY ~ Breathe clear for immune and wellness support. Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats. (This scent is not safe to use during pregnancy.)

CALM ~ May promote pease and calming. Ingredients: frankincense, lacendar, grapefrit, cedarwood, sweet orange, lemon. (This scent is not safe to use during pregnancy.)

CHEERFUL ~ Uplifting and good mood scent! Ingredients: frankincense, lavendar, vetiver, ylang ylang

ENERGY ~ Energizing scent that promotes good mood and clarity. Ingredients: peppermint, sweet orange, grapefrit, lemon

HAPPY HEAD ~ Brings a qick boost of cooling and soothing for your head.

WOMANHOOD ~ Feminine aroma that cools and soothes. Ingredients: frankincense, clary sage, ylang ylang (This scent is not safe to use dring pregnancy.)

SATISFIED ~ Brings feelings of being satisfied with what you ate. May compliment a healthy weight management program. Ingredients: grapefrit, tangerine, lemon, peppermint